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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Available for Pre-Orders in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Accessible for Pre-Orders in Pakistan Galaxy S9 price in Pakistan: Pre-orders will continue until March 10th while the phones will be delivered after March 15th.   > Samsung Galaxy S9 Price in Pakistan – S9 Plus price in Pakistan   Samsung Galaxy S9 pre order: The 2 telephones could be accessed […]

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Here’s how your deleted messages are still visible on WhatsApp

Deleted Messages from WhatsApp chats are not deleted completely. Deleting messages appears to be invalid…   A few months ago, WhatsApp introduced the option to delete messages. This option allows users to delete all personal or grouped messages. To use this option, certain conditions must be met. Both the sender and the recipient must have […]

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iPhone and Mac May Crash with Single Character “Text Bomb”

Want to know How A Single Character “Text Bomb” Crashes Your iPhone And Mac | Latest Tech News   iOS Character Bug: The latest bug in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra enables one to send a particular character to crash the gadgets. Spotted by Italian distribution Mobile World, this bug can crash iPhones and […]

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Craigslist Now Accepts Bitcoin | Craigslist Bitcoin Miner

Craigslist Sellers Can Now Define, Whether They Accept Bitcoins.   The next time you have something to sell on Craigslist, you can inform potential buyers who can pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.   > Summary of Craiglist Facility of Accepting Bitcoins Is As Follows:   Craigslist has just added a new button where sellers […]

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How Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Works

Spanning Tree Network Protocol – Understanding Spanning Tree Protocol   Latest Technology News: ‘Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)’ or ‘Spanning Tree Network’ resolves the shortest cost path from the root link to other nodes in the ‘Networks’. Learn how do all the operations happen, and what are the chief components of this protocol.   > Understanding Spanning […]

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