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Craigslist Sellers Can Now Define, Whether They Accept Bitcoins.


The next time you have something to sell on Craigslist, you can inform potential buyers who can pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


> Summary of Craiglist Facility of Accepting Bitcoins Is As Follows:


  • Craigslist has just added a new button where sellers can indicate, they will take cryptocurrencies as a payment.
  • The particularly minimalist website will not process payments. Buyers and sellers still have to change the payment of the goods at the point of sale.
  • Cryptocurrencies are believed to be a good way to change money in cases where you do not know or trust the person who buys you, as payment is guaranteed unlike a check, which can be rebound.


> Craigslist Adds the Sale of Your Bitcoin (Digital Currency) Sofa:


Blockexplorer News has detected the function (through Engadget and Business Insider), sellers can now check a box that says “cryptocurrency well” when they send their publication.


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is becoming a part of the largest financial system, so it makes the reason that platforms like Craigslist want to offer their users an option.


The site no longer accepts payments and does not control buyers or sellers, so the anonymous type of the digital currency seems to be a good option for the site.


Furthermore, the immediate point-to-point design of Bitcoin and others could provide a certain level of trust between the seller and the buyer.


It could be a simpler way to add to your wallet rather than tweeting a Tweet with the hope that someone will give you one.


But, on the other hand, the currency’s changing value could involve problems when you pay.


Obviously, accepting ‘cryptocurrencies’ has its own set of problems.


Bitcoin, for example, recently passed the $ 16,000 barrier, but its value has been floating for months.


You could end up earning almost nothing from a sale if the value falls, or you could end up making a bank.


In addition, buyers may be discouraged from transfer fees that may have to pay in addition to the amount they are requesting.


In fact, ‘Steam’ recently stopped accepting bitcoins to buy games, because its value is too volatile and transaction fees are too high.


Even if you never make a bitcoin transaction, at least now it’s easier to tell potential sellers that you’re willing to trade in virtual currency.

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